Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday To-Do

It was another early morning today, and neither Barb Wire Man nor myself wanted to drag ourselves out of bed.  This is a super long and busy week for him at work, and he appropriately stated that today already felt like it should be Friday.  Unfortunately, it isn't, and the week isn't going to get any easier!

My grandfather's funeral isn't until tomorrow, but you know what life with two little ones is like.  We have to leave very early in the morning, and will be gone all day, which means I must get today's and tomorrow's chores and to-do's accomplished.

Most of my cousins will be heading to this part of the world today, so I will be praying for safe journeys for all.  I certainly hate that this is the circumstance, but will be happy to see them.  It has been awhile since I've seen some.  I hate how growing older can separate a family.  Occasionally I find myself missing the days when everyone would show up to Granny and Pa's house for holidays, and we could spend quality time together.  These days, most of my cousins haven't even met my husband, and I have to explain to Flower who my cousins are.  That's just how life can be, I suppose.  Barb Wire Man has a cousin he hasn't seen in over 13 years, so I know we aren't the only family this happens to!  Of course, that doesn't mean we love each other any less.  I love each of my cousins, and I know they love me.  Life can just stink like this at times.

My apologies for such a depressing post today.  Normally I am not like this at all!  Tomorrow it is highly unlikely I will have a post.  So until Thursday, I pray every one has a blessed few days!


  1. I am sorry for the loss of your grandfather. But it is true, funerals are the only times family get together anymore.


  2. I think the same things about my family... which is almost ironic given how technology aims to connect, LOL.


  3. isn't it sad? All these ways to stay in touch...yet no one really does.


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