Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Ten Things I've Learned About Parenting...

I don't typically post twice in a day, but today, I thought I'd make an exception!  I hadn't really planned on this, but I am linking up with Kelly's Korner, and am going to share a bit of my parenting advice!

Parents get a lot of advice.  Well-meaning friends, family, and people we see on the street stop to offer their jewels of wisdom, whether it is wanted, needed, or not!  Having been a Mama for 8 years, I've learned a thing or two along the way, with the help of others.  Today, I present to you my list of the top ten things I've learned about raising children.

  1. No child has ever been spoiled by being loved too much.  Hug your children every chance you get.  Tell them you love them until they roll their eyes and say "I know mom!"  Embarrass your children by letting them know how much you love them.  Secretly, they are thanking you for it!
  2. No parent is perfect.  Concede now that you will never do everything perfectly.  Do the very best you can, and trust that our perfect Heavenly Father will guide and direct you.
  3. Don't be afraid to apologize to your children when you make a mistake.  They need to know we are human, too, and, it helps teach them humility.  
  4. Be the person you want your children to become.  Actions really do speak louder than words when it comes to parenting.  
  5. Its wise to encourage your children to push themselves physically and intellectually, but remember to let them be kids, too.  Playing with friends, (obviously, friends you know, and who's parents you know) is a part of childhood.  Being silly, and using one's imagination is apart of childhood.  Its over too quick; don't force them to be older than they are!
  6. Be your child(ren)'s biggest cheer leader.  Even if it is the smallest of victories, turn it into a huge celebration!  If you don't let your children know how proud you are, they will seek that from someone else.  Knowing they are making you proud is what they truly desire.
  7. Play, play, play!  Let your kids see you being silly with them!  Run around the yarn playing "tag".  Jump into the pool and splash around with them.  Sing silly songs and dance like no one is watching.  These are the things your kids will remember when they are older.
  8. Sometimes, its OK to let your kids have cake for breakfast.  Especially the day after their birthday.  (Admit it...we've all let our kids have a piece of birthday cake for breakfast!)
  9. Always, always, always show your kids a united front.  No, you may not always agree with what your spouse says, but don't contradict them in front of your kids.  Kids see more than we think, and if this is something they see on a regular basis, they will take advantage of it.  Pull your spouse aside, later, and discuss the situation, and come to an agreement there.
  10. If you remember nothing else about this post, remember this: Pray.  Pray for your children, pray for your spouse, and pray for yourself.  Trust God to guide you as a parent, and remember that He is a true Father.  No one else on Earth will ever love your child like you do, but God loves your children more than you ever can.
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Now its time to do some Language, Math, and history with my Little Flower before Little Man wakes up.  Be blessed, and have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. great post! and congratulations on almost being done with potty training!

  2. YAY!!! I like your list. I am on round 2, as in grandchild. We play. I mean really play. We splash in the pool. We play cars. We craft. We sing. We love each other.

    As a grandma I can tell you that your kids will drift from you. It doesn't mean they don't love you, so don't take it that way. It's their turn. They will come back around as they experience some of the battle scars you experienced when raising them. They might just even tell you about it!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Love, love, love your advice. # 3 in a huge one for me. Definitely an important one in our home to me with my 8 kiddos.

  4. Thanks Bethany! We are SO happy! Christie, I'm very grateful my parents, and my husband's parents play with our kids. Its such a blessing!
    Pink Slippers, it can be hard to do, yes? But I'd sure rather my kids think I make mistakes, then to find out later that I really wasn't as perfect as they thought!

  5. I love #6 I have 5 children and My kids know what ever life brings for them I am always their #1 fan and their biggest cheerleader... I am really big on making sure my children know how proud I am of them... Even if they make a mistake I'm still in their corner...

    I was 24 years old before I finally heard my dad say I'm so proud of you... funny thing was I always tried so hard in school just to hear him tell me how proud he was of me... I guess he figured I knew :-(

    I make sure I tell my kids I love them and that I am proud of them every day....

    great list you have.. thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog Happy Mom Of 5 from the blog hop...

    I am your newest follower...

  6. I clicked on the swagbucks ad here and signed up. I hope it gave you the referral bucks. :-) thanks for the parenting advice.. the praying is something i can do starting now. Can't wait for October to meet my little girl!

  7. Chrissy, I was blessed with parents who always told me how proud they were of me. I've heard so many people say that all they ever wanted was parents who were proud, and I vowed to always tell my children how proud I was. Thanks so much for following!
    April, You are going to make a phenomenal mother! I know you! She will be one blessed little girl for sure! And yes...I do make some extra cash from that! All the little advertisements on my blog are ways that I bring in extra money. THANK YOU!

  8. All of these are so true. My husband and I really need to work harder on #9. We come from very different kinds of families and sometimes it is really hard to keep quiet when we disagree about child rearing. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back.


  9. Very good advice indeed! I can guarantee you that in another 8 years you will be adding on to your list!

  10. Truth be told, we probably need to work harder on number 9, also!
    Annette, I'm afraid of the next 8 years! My Flower is 8 now, so she will be driving then, and I'm already scared!

  11. Great list! A good reminder to be praying for them all the time. Also a good reminder to make some cake. mmmmm... cake.


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