Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I'm so excited today!  Little Man and I are loading up in the car today and making the short drive to Amarillo to pick up Flower!  Oh, once Little Man sees her, he is going to go crazy!  I think he misses her more than all of us combined.  Its hard to explain to a two year old where "Tahtee" is, and that we are going to pick her up in a few days, so he really has no idea he will get to see her today.

It is only 6:30 in the morning, as I am writing this.  Already this morning I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for my children, and for their health.  As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I saw three different friends post prayer needs for their newborns.  It just reminded me how we too often take for granted the health of our children.  I said a prayer for each of those babies, and the parents, and thanked God that my two are healthy, strong kiddos.  

It breaks my heart that their are parents out there who are desperately pleading with God for the life of their child, while another parent pleads with a court to believe her, in order to spare her own life.  One parent is praying their baby will be able to take another breath, while another parent knocks the breath out of their child because he won't "mind".

If Barb Wire Man would let me, I would take everyone of those "unwanted" children into my home.  I always say "Oh, if they could just come here...we have more than enough love here!"  

I know it sounds so cliche, but never miss an opportunity to hug and kiss your kids, and tell them constantly how loved they are.  (Little Man already has it figured out that Mama kisses his cheek every time I pick him he turns his face because boys don't need kisses from their Mama!  Until they get hurt, of course!)

I can't wait to see Flower today.  I haven't hugged her since I dropped her off at the airport on June 18th, and my arms need to hold her!  

I added a new item to 13 Plum again today!  I'm on a roll!  I have today's Sale of the Day posted on my shop banner, so won't you take a visit!?  And please, if you would, say a quick prayer for my friends and their babies.  God knows their names, and their needs.  I know they would appreciate it!

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