Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Use Coupons...Its the Cool Thing to Do!

Thank you all for putting up with the numerous blog changes I went through during the last couple of days.  I think I have found something I am satisfied with, at least for the time being!  The lady in the picture?  That was my grandmother, and it wasn't until I put my picture next to hers that I realized how much I resemble her.  The background, well, it may change, but not until I find something that really blows me away with awesomeness!

Anyhow, on to coupons.

I use coupons.  I clip every single coupon that comes in my paper each Sunday, even if I know I am not going to use it.  I keep my coupons in alphabetical order, and used to think I was pretty darn awesome at using them to save money.  That was until that show came on TV.

Holy couponing mama, Batman.

If I had the space to stockpile, the patience to checkout 4 baskets of groceries after spending hours clipping and organizing my transactions, and actually shop kid-free without receiving a rescue me call from Barb Wire Man, I might could be a Coupon Superhuman too.

If there is a coupon for something I really need, or am going to need in the future, you better believe I'm all over that like white on rice.  Just one look in my bathroom cabinet will show you that there was a really great sale on Barb Wire Man's shampoo recently.  He has 5 bottles or so sitting up there, just waiting to be used.  (And for a man who shaves his head, it takes a long time to go through that much shampoo.  Heck, he may start balding before its all used up.)

I wish I could be a coupon queen.  I don't think it will ever happen, though.  I'll print one here and there, and if it is a really great coupon, I may use two or three of them.

So, the question is, are you a couponer?  What lengths do you go to in order to find your coupons?  What is the best deal you have been able to get using coupons?

The ability to print coupons is great for me.  I can search by the things I need specifically, and can usually get at least 2 coupons for the same item.  I have a ton of friends who print and use coupons, so I've enabled the ability to get to some great coupon sites straight from my blog.  It works great...you get your coupons, and the company pays (an icredibly small amount, by the way!) to use my blog space.  So won't you consider getting your coupons through this blog of mine?!

Have a blessed week everyone!  I look forward to hearing your coupon stories!


  1. You are so lucky! Canada just doesn't have coupons like the US does, unless you happen to live in a city (which I don't)

  2. Well that is no fun! And everything is so much higher there!

  3. The coupons I see always say one per customer, so I just don't see how people manage to get so much all at once!

  4. That is one reason I'm afraid to use too many! I know people who will find ways to get 4 or 5 of the same coupon, and literally leave the store, then come back just so they can use the same coupon the next day!

  5. I've never used coupons too much (besides what I find in the Sunday paper). I know you can save money, but I don't feel it's worth the time and energy to really get into it like some do. I've also heard that stores are starting to make couponing harder.

    Btw, I like the new page!

  6. They have made it a lot harder in many place. Thanks for the compliment! I'm just so stoked I finally figured out how to do it! haha!

  7. No, Australia does not have coupons either...and I watched "that show" the other day and was rather envious of the woman who reduced a $419 trolley of good down to nothing. But I do think that I lack the organisation and diligence to be a coupon Queen....wouldn't mind trying though!!!!

  8. Some of those shows even have them actually getting money BACK from the store! Someone has to be loosing money in all that!


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