Friday, November 12, 2010

A Fantastic Friday...with SNOW!

What a fantastic Friday today is!  My bed was so comfy this morning.  I was snuggled up with my hubby and didn't want to get out of bed because it was cold!!!  But, I did drag  myself out and poured myself a nice cup of coffee.  I looked out the window and to my surprise...SNOW!  Not your typical first snow of the Texas Panhandle, either, which is usually nothing more than a dusting.  This snow is piling up!  I rushed to wake up my daughter, because nothing will get her out of bed faster than knowing there is snow on the ground! 

The bad camera is junked.  It will not work at all.  Hmmm maybe a family member will see this and get me a snazzy new camera for Christmas!?  So, the only pictures I have are off my cell phone.  I apologize for the horrible pictures....but you get the idea! 

No, it isn't deep enough to play in.  Probably only an inch, maybe two.  But still snow!  The trees are beautifully flocked, and it reminds me how no painter, no photographer, can capture the beauty of God's creation.  Only God Himself can paint such a beautiful picture in His nature. 

Unfortunately, I have lived in this part of Texas long enough to know that by 3:00 pm this will most likely be melted off, and we will be trading out sweaters for t-shirts.  But it sure is pretty while is lasts!  And at least we get to see the snow.  My cousin lives down south, in San Antonio.  Cold to her is 50 degrees, and she had a friend who, at 20 years old, had never seen snow until she brought him up here once!  Can you imagine never seeing snow!?

Today in the daycare I have three boys, one my own, and a little girl.  Each of them is standing at the window in awe, constantly yelling their new word-of-the-day "SNOW!!!!!!  SNOW!!!  SNOW!!!!"

I also get to see my Mother-and Father-In-Law today.  They are driving down from Colorado to visit us this weekend, as Barb Wire Man turns 31.  Hehe!  31.  I take solice in the fact that he will always be older than me.

My little Flower and I will have to change our plans, however.  Our Girl Scout troop is selling nuts and candy to raise spring funds for our troop, and we were to go out selling today. 

"I'm sorry honey.  I am the assistant troop leader, and spend hours helping plan our meetings, but I am not going to go door to door selling nuts in the snow.  Call Nana!"

If anyone is interested in buying some nuts or candy, please contact me and we can work something out!  Mattie has set a personal goal to sell 50 items in the next two weeks, and our troop would like to sell 250 items.

And now, I must attend to the laundry.  That is the not-so-fantastic part of today.  Oh well. 

I hope everyone has a marvelously fantastic Friday! 

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  1. There's something strange going on in the universe, when it snows in Texas before it snows in Massachusetts. ; )
    Have a good weekend!


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