Monday, November 29, 2010

Memory Monday

Mondays after vacations are always so....wierd!  Who really wants to go back to work and the normal, every day grind? 

Yesterday would have been my grandmother's 69th birthday.  Next to my own parents, she was the most influential person in my life.  If you haven't read about the reason my business is called 13 Plum, you can do so here.  I can't put into words how much I loved my Grandma!  I know I have said it before, but I miss her so much.  Infact, even though its been 4 and a half years since she was killed, I still find myself occasionally picking up the phone to call and ask her a question.  Its always a question about yarn, sewing, cooking, or the best way to do something.  I am pretty sure she had the answer to everything. 

This was my grandparents in the 80's, and how I picture them today.  Pawpaw played Santa Claus, and Grandma played Mrs. Claus!

The Barb Wire Man is more like my grandfather than I would care to admit, and I think I learned how to put up with a man like that from her.  (My dad is a much kinder, gentler and understanding man....maybe my hubby should take some lessons from him!!!)   My cousin, sister and I called her Grandma Sunshine, and she was just that.  I always sing to my babies before they go to bed.  Tonight, I sang You Are My Sunshine, and choked up on the first line.  My sweet little girl finished singing it to me, and said "Its OK, mommy.  You know Grandma Ryan is with Jesus, and she isn't sad at all."

And she is so right.  She isn't sad.  She hasn't a tear for eternity.  She is with my Grandpa.  She has a million stars in her crown, and an endless supply of 100% acrylic, Red Heart Yarn.  I did not get that from her. 

Happy Birthday, Grandma Sunshine!  I love you, and even though I am not sure if I believe this or not, I hope you can look down, see my sweet little family, my business and be so proud.  I never would even have this if you hadn't set such a great example. 

On a much lighter note, I am still having a sale at 13 Plum Knitted Creations!  30% off everything, when you use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY at checkout.  Like most of my listings, just contact me and I will create a special listing for you.  The discount also applies to any custom orders!  Let me know you are ordering after reading this, and I will even give you free shipping!

Dishcloths and ponytail holders are both under $10, and make great stocking stuffers!

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