Monday, November 15, 2010

Memory Mondays

Well, here it is the start of another week.  I am slightly annoyed, because my much loved weekends, filled with my man and my two kids is over!  But, I have lived to see another week, so for that I am grateful!

I have three little boys here with me today, from 21 months down to 15 months, and its been quite an eventful morning.  Who would have though that such little human beings could cause such destruction and chaos?! 

And then, there was potty training.  Be warned.  I am about to talk about pee.

Yes.  My two oldest (my son and one of the daycare kids) have started showing signs of being ready to potty train.  So, I have two little potties sitting in my bathroom, and a plethora of NASCAR, Superman, Spiderman and toy car undies piled on the counter. 

I also am armed with rags and carpet cleaner. 

We have successfully gone potty on the potty twice each.  Which would be considered a success except for the fact that we have also gone potty on the floor about 5 times each.  And instead of thinking "oh no, we should have gone on the potty!",  they laugh! 

Watching themselves pee on my floor makes them laugh until, well, they pee again.  It is crazy.  They are typical males, and are flat out obsessed with what they can make those little things do. 

I am trying to remind myself to enjoy the little things about my son being little for as long as I can.  One day, I am going to look back at this, laugh, and wonder where that little boy went.  I might even miss having to clean up pee off the floor.  I know I will miss hearing his giggle and hearing "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!"  when he watches himself.  Its all so new to the boys, but one day, they are going to know it all.

I am getting very little accomplished today, as we are making a game of running to the potty every 15 minutes.  We sit there and sing or play or read books until something happens. 

A passerby would think I was insane, singing "lets make pee-pee, on the big boy po-o-tty" to the tune of Iron Man. 

I figure if I have to sing about pee at least I want a cool song stuck in my head.

So, have any of you had to potty train boys?  My daughter was so much easier.  Any tips or suggestions?!  I know its only day one, but I am close to laying newspaper down on my carpets!


  1. Maybe that's why I'm not a parent... I can already foresee little red hineys if they were to laugh as they peed on my floor. ;-) But as a side note, I still haven't gotten your address yet. I need to mail you your book!!

  2. Emily I have to agree my Maddie was so much easyer that James....He will potty in the floor and just look at me. I was always told girls are easyer I agree!!!


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