Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winning Wednesdays Featuring Sporkful Designs!

Good Wednesday morning friends!  We are halfway through this week!  I don't know about you, but after my last few days I am ready for the weekend!!!

Today, I get to tell you about a really cool Etsy shop called Sporkful DesignsSporkful Designs offers photo cards, invitations, and MUCH more!

About the Shop Owner - Meg:
Meg is from a small town in Minnesota and enjoys spending time with family and friends.  Meg can often be found on the tennis courts, cuddled up with a good book, and going for an afternoon jog. 
One of Meg’s most favorite places to be is in any of the Minnesota State Parks.  She loves nature, hiking, and camping.  Although she often gets chomped up by mosquitoes, she still loves it!
Meg’s love for graphic design began when she joined the yearbook team for high school.  She furthered her education and graduated college with a major in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design.

Why Meg Loves Handmade:
Meg loves handmade items for several reasons, but her favorite reason is the stories behind everything.  The story of the stay-at-home mom making crafts for extra cash, the story of someone raising money for their daughter to have a cat, and purchasing items from real people and helping real families (versus corporations) is what drives her to love handmade.

Why Meg Began Sporkful Designs:
Sporkful Designs recently began in the Fall of 2010.  Meg decided to finally give an Etsy shop a chance, because of her love for graphic design.  She wanted to create an awesome photo card for her and her boyfriend this year, and couldn’t decide which to pick from…so she decided to share her designs with others!

What You Can Find at Sporkful Designs:
Photo cards for holidays, birthday parties, baby announcements, baby showers, graduations, save the dates, address changes, announcements, invitations, thank yous , and so much more!
At Sporkful Designs, you purchase the image so you can print your image anywhere and print however many you would like!
Sporkful Designs also does custom graphic design work such as background removal and custom Etsy shop banners/avatars.  Custom work is always welcome!
Where to find Sporkful Designs:
Facebook (Fans get exclusive specials!):

I love Sporkful Designs, because Meg has the same passion as I do....handmade.  There are so many interesting stories you learn about people, from all over the world.  Maybe I am also a little biased, that she is in Minnesota.  (Barbed Wire Man's family is all in Minnesota.  So beautiful there, but being a Texas girl...I salute anyone who lives there.  I spent one week there last Thanksgiving, and all I can say is its too damn cold for me!!!)

But, I am sure you are wondering what awesome deal is in this for YOU today?!  You know you want one of her invitations.  You know that as soon as you saw those you mentally put your own picture in there and had ideas!  I already know what I am going to get!  Well, from Meg herself, here you go!

 "Savings for the Holidays!  Get $2 off your first custom photo card order for any occasion at!  Simply use the promo code: PLUMBLOG during the checkout and your paypal account will be reimbursed $2! Valid through 12/31/2010. Limit one promo code redemption per customer."

Take a few minutes, won't you, and check out this great Etsy shop!  I am a firm believer that if each of us supports small businesses like this, our economy will change!  Drop her a note!  Let her know what your favorite thing is...THEN ORDER IT!  


  1. I'm following from the Etsy forum, I would love it if you followed back.

  2. Thanks Felicity...I have you followed as well!

  3. This is a great feature! I'm following you now!

  4. Great feature -- and yes I agree, if every person bought just one handmade item this year for the holidays, think of how many small businesses would grow and how our economy would flourish.

    Hope you visit my way!


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