Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday Sidetrack!

Because of doctor appointments, and funky work schedules, I haven't been able to do as much research on my Thrifty Thursday subject I had intended on writing.  I also missed my Tea-Time Tuesday, which upsets me much more. 

So today, I am going to brew myself a cup of tea, skip Thrifty Thursday, and make-up my Tea-time!  In all truthfulness, I have already had 3 or 4 cups today. 

I did have a very dear friend come with her kiddos for a visit.  We try to get together every week, and I so look forward to it.  We have so much in common, and it is so nice to just be able to talk to an adult! Barb Wire Man got to come home early too, which always makes the day a little better.  Our kids are always so excited when Daddy comes home!

However, we got our best news ever today.  OK, maybe not ever, but the best news we have had in a long time! 

My husband just found out that he got the job he has been wanting for the last couple of years!!!  He originally hauled hay for a man he had known for quite some time, and due to the economy was let go.  Hay just wasn't moving fast enough to warrant the number of drivers he had.  After spending time working in Colorado during the week, and coming home one the weekends, he finally found a job closer to home.  I don't know if you know any truck drivers, but they don't get paid like most people - they get a percentage of what the load costs.  So, if Barb Wire man ran like crazy and had a lot of loads, he got paid pretty well.  However, the job he is at is very slow, meaning no loads, which means no pay.  With a family of four, that makes things pretty tough. 

But, after visiting with the owner of the new company (he has been out there more than a couple times looking for a job), they finally gave him a chance!  We are so excited, because the pay is better, and it is his dream job.  We will eventually even have the opportunity to own our own truck!  The downside is he may be away from home for several days at a time.  I am thankful we have a very strong marriage, and deep love for each other, because it is going to be hard! 

I am also excited because I have a new tea being shipped to me!  Normally my mom and I get our tea through Teavana, but you all know how I prefer to buy things that are hand made and from small businesses.  So yesterday, I stumbled across this great Etsy site called Teaman.  He hand blends his own tea.  Since I have a couple allergy issues, I have to be very careful about flavored teas, and I was able to email him personally to find out exactly what was in his tea.  I ordered  the loose tea (of course, that is all I drink) in apricot flavor!  I am excited to get it!  The tea is also priced very reasonably, since loose tea can be brewed several times more than a tea bag.  The canister is also pretty enough to keep out on my counter, which is where I keep all my tea paraphernalia.  My tea habit is akin to an addiction....

Dear Mom, if you are reading this, and don't get me an awesome camera for Christmas, please purchase every loose tea available on Teaman's site.  (excluding the Earl Grey, since I can't drink that.)  On second thought, I would really like all of it even if you do get me the camera.  Love, your favorite daughter.

I pray everyone has a super blessed day today!  This is the day the Lord has made...rejoice!

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