Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tea Time Tuesday

Good morning!  Last night was a long one here at my house.  It is just 3 minutes until 9AM, and let me tell you, I am ready for a nap!  The dry air here is wreaking havoc with everyone in my family, especially with my little man and me.  Just about the time I got my coughing under control last night, his started acting up.  He could barely catch his breath.  At 12:30 I ended up having to change his jammies and sheets.  Then mine hit again!  Finally, at about 2:30 this morning I went to sleep on the couch so I didn't keep my poor hubby awake all night long.  Even still, I am reminded that today is a blessing!  I certainly don't deserve to even have this day, so I will make the most of it I can!

I am so excited to tell you all that I have some awesome giveaways coming up, as well as some information on some really neat Etsy businesses! 

Many of you know I cannot stand having to go to places like Walmart   Target  Big Huge We Have It All to shop.  If it were up to me, everything I buy would be hand- and home-made.  I try to support home-owned, mom and pop shops and much as possible.  I take pride in the fact that instead of funding some huge corporation by buying chemically diapers, my son wears cloth diapers made by a lady who stays at home with her children.  I am the mom who creates things with her hands and sells them, to make a few extra bucks for my family.  My husband is a semi-truck driver, who works long hours to support our family, so I do whatever I can to help him.  Folks, there are so many other families like mine out there, and I want to do as much as I can to help them out, just as they help me out.  Sometimes it is more expensive, but not always.  But for me, paying a little bit more to know that a mom is helping support her family is WORTH it to me.

There is a huge movement leaning towards buying all natural, hand-made, locally grown, etc., and I think it is just wonderful.  I hope that you will enjoy reading about these Etsy and Hyena Cart shops I will be reviewing in the near future.  With Christmas coming up soon, I hope you, too, will consider shopping on sites like http://www.etsy.com/, and http://www.hyenacart.com/.  There is a huge world out there away from Walmart, Target, and such!  Expand your horizons!

And now, I must go.  I myself have some Christmas orders to fill for some customers!  My fingers will be busily knitting for the next few weeks making shawls, blankets, and even a few scarves.  I do have quite a lot up on my website, so won't you start your shopping now?!  Take a visit, and let me know what you think!

I hope you all have a blessed day!  Remember....this IS the day that the Lord has Made....REJOICE and be glad in it!

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